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Sumo is a British company which designs and manufactures a range of agricultural equipment from its East Yorkshire headquarters. The majority of the cultivation products it produces are designed to be mounted behind a tractor unit, with a range of sizes and specifications available. Founded in the early 1990s, it is a real domestic success story in spite of the fact that its name conjures up images of Japanese wrestling.

The range starts off with the Sumo Trio, a three-part machine that enables the efficient creation of seedbeds on field surfaces. With different models accommodating different working widths, up to a maximum of 3.4 metres, as well as convenient features such as retractable legs and a fully removable frame for ease of transport and storage, this is a popular piece of equipment. It is also compatible with Sumo's seeder kits to allow for processing and planting to take place in a single pass. Similar models, including the trailed rigid Trio, trailed folding Trio and the Quatro, are also available from this marque.

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Buy Sumo NEW  Trio 3  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo NEW Trio 3 2017 Cultivators POA
- Auto reset One pass cultivator
Buy Sumo  Front press  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo Front press 2017 Press POA
Tyre press
Buy Sumo TR TRIO 5.5  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo TR TRIO 5.5 - Tillage £70,000.00
Subsoiler . SUMO. 5.6metre. TR105.5 . Trailed Folding Trio. Stored in doors. Working width 5.6m. 3.0 transport widith. Subsoiler Legs 11no. Leg Space 500mm. Hydro Folding. HP 360-500. Excellent Condition. Nearly New.
Buy Sumo Trio3  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo Trio3 2010 Cultivators £9,950.00
3m cultivator with excellent metal & plenty of spares available, light kit, useful
Buy Sumo 3M Trio  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo 3M Trio 2010 Cultivators £11,950.00
c/w removable discs. St# 31091216
Buy Sumo 1.5m Front Packer Press  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo 1.5m Front Packer Press - Press £3,250.00
c/w 4m front tine bar. St# 11074295
Buy Sumo DTS 6  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo DTS 6 2014 Seed Drills £49,750.00
2014 Sumo DTS 6m Direct/strip drill c/w 3600l hopper, blockage sensors, 2500 ha. Very Tidy.
Buy Sumo  Trailer  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo Trailer - Cultivators £750.00
For Trio 3M Mounted Cultivator
Buy Sumo Trio 4.5M Trailed  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo Trio 4.5M Trailed 2010 Cultivators £19,750.00
9 Legs With Front Discs
Buy Sumo Trailed Trio Subsoiler  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo Trailed Trio Subsoiler 2015 Cultivators £27,500.00
3 Metre Trailed Trio Subsoiler. New ex stock. St# 21069738
Buy Sumo  Seeder Std Unit  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sumo Seeder Std Unit - Seed Drills £2,950.00
C/W Mounting Frame, Access Steps & Upstand To Fit A 4.5M Trailed Trio In Lieu Of The Existing 3M Trailed Fitting Kit

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Sumo QuattroSumo DTS Range

The Sumo DTS is a slightly more advanced machine which harnesses the strip till drilling method, enabling users to prepare consecutive bands of soil for seeding while retaining the integrity of the areas in between. When it comes to speed, this is an appealing approach, while also helping with things such as drainage in addition to minimising the impact of erosion in areas which are prone to it. The DTS can be outfitted with a fertiliser kit to further expand its functionality, with between 9 and 26 rows available depending on the model chosen. Compatibility with GPS will help users to harness the power of this range over large areas.

Sumo Rippa - a Solid Worker

For straightforward soil aeration and agitation, the Sumo Rippa is a suitable choice, working at depths of up to 16 inches so that heavily compacted material can be loosened before planting or after the harvest. With a steel frame and legs, as well as an intelligent folding design, it is practical, portable and durable, which are all things that you will be looking for in agricultural machinery.

Front Weights - Personalise ThemPersonalised Front weights from Sumo

As well as providing machines that are trailed behind tractors, Sumo is also responsible for the manufacture of a versatile Front Weight which can be harnessed to add ballast where it is required and ensure that the load is balanced. Between 1000kg and 2500kg can be added to this piece of equipment, with the added bonus being that less wear and tear will be caused to the vehicle's tyres, making it much more capable of coping with heavy loads. There is even a built-in toolbox as part of this component, with a locking mechanism helping to keep everything safe.

The Front Multipacka and Front Sumo are similarly impressive products, both in terms of design and build quality. Another mainstay of these and the entire Sumo range is adjustability, giving users the means to make changes depending on the circumstances they are facing. In all it is easy to see why Sumo has built up a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of farm machinery with the added benefit of being UK-based.

Sumo Showcases Latest Machinery Prototypes

Sumo has been promoting some of its newest and most innovative cultivation machinery in the past week, and also assuring buyers that in spite of the global downturn in sales in this... Read More