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The tedder, sometimes known as a hay tedder, is a common implement in haymaking. It is deployed after the crop is cut and before windrowing, using moving forks to lift and aerate the hay and thus speed up the haymaking process. The fundamental concept behind the tedder is to allow the hay to dry, or cure, more effectively by allowing the passage of air around the crop. This in turn leads to a better colour and aroma of hay.

Tedders began to appear in the late 1800s. These original tedders were mounted on two wheels and drawn by a horse. The rotational force of the wheels was converted by a gear to operate arms with fingers or tines at their ends. These tines picked up the hay and dispersed it. Most models had an adjustable height mechanism to alter the level at which the tedder lifted the hay.

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Buy Fransgard RV390  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fransgard RV390 - Tedders £1,850.00
Productspecweb: Twin rotor, 3.9 meter working width, 540 rpm, crop guards, had new pivot pin and bushes fitted last season.
Buy Krone SWADRO  900 Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone SWADRO 900 2007 Tedders £6,950.00
Productspecweb: Electric height control, hydraulic width adjustment, folding tine arms, swath curtain torn.Working Width 7.7m-8.8m, Transport width 2.99m, Required HP55 Number of Tine Arms 26
Buy Krone KW13.02/12T  Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone KW13.02/12T 2005 Tedders £4,950.00
2005 13mtr tedder, hyd fold, trailed, 12 rotor Working width:1300 pulled
Buy Krone KW13.02/12T  Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone KW13.02/12T 2005 Tedders £4,950.00
Productspecweb: 2005 13mtr tedder, hyd fold, trailed, 12 rotor
Buy Krone KW782  Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone KW782 2017 Tedders £9,250.00
Productspecweb: 7.82mtr tedder, 6 rotor, 7 tine, lights, headland kit
Buy Krone SWADRO  TC760 Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone SWADRO TC760 2017 Tedders £15,950.00
Productspecweb: Twin rotor rake, 6.8-7.6mtr, standard mechanical width control, swath curtain, 15.0/55 TYRES, road lights, hyd headland
Buy Krone SWADRO  42 Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone SWADRO 42 2016 Tedders £5,450.00
Productspecweb: 4.2mtr working width, single rotor, 13 tine arms, mounted, 50hp+
Buy Fleming 4.2M  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fleming 4.2M 2001 Tedders POA
Buy Krone KW550  Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone KW550 - Tedders £2,200.00
krone KW 5.50/4x7 Tedder, 4 rotor, hydraulic fold, hydraulic headland steering, 5.5 meter working width, ?ú2200
Buy Kuhn GA7501  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn GA7501 2008 Tedders £5,750.00
Kuhn GA7501 twin rotor rake, year 2008, rear steering, 7.5 meter working width, adjust row widths, good order ?ú5750
Buy NIEMEYER HR785DH  Farm Machinery For Sale
NIEMEYER HR785DH - Tedders £2,350.00
Niemeyer HR785-DH Tedder, 6 rotor, headland stearing, good order
Buy Kuhn GF5001  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn GF5001 - Tedders £1,950.00
Kuhn gf 5001 4 rotor Tedder, hydraulic fold, 5 meter working width, ?ú1950
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Early tedders were first made in the UK and then exported to the US, where they were widely adopted. A variety of systems was tried, including a spur wheel and pinion driving rake wheels on which were mounted eight rakes, which could pick up and distribute the hay. A later British model used a pair of separate cylinders attached to reversible rotating forks which could lift and then gently lay down the hay to maximise exposure to air.

US companies further developed these ideas and the ‘grasshopper’ used a revolving crank and rotating wheels to move forks up and down and lift the hay. Some more advanced units enclosed their rotating tines in a solid case to maximise the force that could be applied to the hay.

The tedder was an important agricultural advance. It was a great labour-saving device, and a man and horse with a tedder could complete as much work as perhaps fifteen labourers in a single day. It was also a more economical system, turning grass into hay in just one day. It could also deal with hay that had been flattened by horses or soaked by rain.

This fast operation was also vital in maintaining the nutrients in the hay, which would otherwise be reduced as it got wet after rainfall. This was an important factor in the typically wet UK farmlands and also in the east of the US. It allowed hay to be made from green grass, which produced hay of far greater nutritional value.

Today there are many agricultural equipment companies producing good tedders. These include Class, Deutz-Fahr, Krone, Kuhn, Kubota, Massey Ferguson and New Holland.

Generally speaking, the tedder is a simple mechanical machine that is hard-wearing and easily maintained. A visual inspection will reveal much about the condition of the tedder, and the informed farmer should be able to ascertain the tedder’s state of repair fairly easily.

If at all possible, it is always worth arranging a trial of the machine, especially on your own land. Care should always be taken to ensure that the tedder is compatible with the tractor being used and suitable for the soil conditions on the farm. A simple trial will quickly achieve both goals.

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