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The telehandler is one of the core lifting machines in agriculture. It performs similar work to a front loader on a tractor or a forklift but offers a number of advantages. The telehandler features a single telescopic boom that is extended upwards and forwards. A choice of implements can be attached to the boom to carry out specific tasks.

These might include forks, buckets, grabbers or bale forks. Around the farm, the most common implements tend to be buckets and bucket grabs, and typical tasks for the telehandler would include moving loads to areas that cannot be reached by other loader equipment, such as placing hay bales in high stacks. Telehandlers fitted with the correct implements can also reach into a high-sided hopper or trailer, saving the farmer the trouble and expense of using a conveyer or constructing a loading ramp.  For further telehandlers for sale visit our plant site

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Buy JCB 530-70 Farm Special  Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 530-70 Farm Special 2004 Telehandlers £14,950.00
40K, Air Con, PUH, JCB Q Fit Hydraulically Latching Headstock
Buy Matbro TS 270 Telehabdler  Farm Machinery For Sale
Matbro TS 270 Telehabdler 1996 Telehandlers £7,950.00
Very Regularly Maintained, Good Tyres
Buy CAT 417GC TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
CAT 417GC TELEHANDLER 2014 Telehandlers £40,000.00
CAT 417GC TELEHANDLER 2014/15 Only 992 hours from new Chassis levelling Very tidy machine Reversing camera £40000
Buy Merlo P34.7 PLUS TURBO FARMER TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
Merlo P34.7 PLUS TURBO FARMER TELEHANDLER 2012 Telehandlers £23,750.00
MERLO P34.7 PLUS TURBO FARMER TELEHANDLER 2012 4639 hours PUH A/C Nice clean tidy machine £23750
Buy Dieci Icarus 40.14 Telehandler Farm Machinery For Sale
Dieci Icarus 40.14 Telehandler 2012 Telehandlers £28,500.00
Dieci Icarus 40.14 telehandler c/w air conditioning, Manitou headstock and pallet tines (not pictured) and 405/70 R24 wheels and tyres. Year 2012. 1600 hours. 14 metre reach and 4 ton capacity.
Buy JCB 536-70 AGRI EXTRA TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 536-70 AGRI EXTRA TELEHANDLER 2011 Telehandlers £25,000.00
JCB 536-70 AGRI EXTRA TELEHANDLER 2011 6344 hours PUH A/C New tyres £25000
Buy Manitou 845-120 TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou 845-120 TELEHANDLER 2013 Telehandlers £37,000.00
MANITOU 845-120 TELEHANDLER 2013 2259 A/C CRS Hyd forks New front tyres £37000
Buy JCB 535-95 AGRI TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 535-95 AGRI TELEHANDLER 2015 Telehandlers £34,000.00
JCB 535-95 AGR TELEHANDLER 2015 Only 3968 hours T4i III PUH A/C Good machine £34000
Buy JCB 526S  Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 526S 1998 Telehandlers £10,500.00
Q Fit Headstock, c/w Pallet Forks, In Daily Use
Buy Manitou MANIREACH MLT 629-120LS TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou MANIREACH MLT 629-120LS TELEHANDLER 2001 Telehandlers £12,750.00
MANITOU MANIREACH MLT 629-120LS TELEHANDLER 2001/2002 Showing 1536 hours £12750
Buy Merlo 40.7 TURBO FARMER TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
Merlo 40.7 TURBO FARMER TELEHANDLER 2014 Telehandlers £29,000.00
MERLO 40.7 TURBO FARMER TELEHANDLER 2014 4931 hours PUH A/C complete with Pallet Forks New Tyres Nice clean machine £29000
Buy JCB 536T60AGS  Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 536T60AGS 2013 Telehandlers £32,000.00
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This advantage of the telehandler in reaching forward and upwards to deliver loads also represents the equipment’s limitation. As the boom extends further away from the centre of gravity of the machine, the load acts on the telehandler like a lever and will make the machine more unstable as the weight or distance increases. This can quickly destabilise the machine if over-extended, even with counterweights to the rear of the telehandler. The leverage effect can be dramatic as the working radius is expanded away from the front wheels. A telehandler with a 2.2 tonne capacity with a retracted boom may only be able to lift 225kg if the boom is fully extended at a low angle. The same telehandler could theoretically lift five tonnes with the boom raised at an angle of 70 degrees or more.

Modern Telehandlers - Added Safety Control

Older telehandlers were supplied with a chart to help the operator work out whether a lifting job was possible or not, but clearly this had limitations and safety implications, with errors in calculation potentially resulting in serious accidents. More modern telehandlers have on-board sensors to monitor stability and will warn the operator or prevent further extension should the safety limits be reached. This type of system is now a legal requirement in Europe. Many telehandlers also have stabilisers that can be extended out from the front of the machine when loading from a stationary position. This can greatly extend the limits of the machines.

The Invention of the Telehandler

The telehandler was first developed in the UK by Matbro, using their forestry forklifts as a starting point. Early models had a central boom mounted on the front, with a cab to the rear but soon this was changed to a side-mounted cab and rear-mounted boom to increase capacity and stability. The telehandler has proved to be a popular piece of equipment and now many manufacturers offer a range of models. Caterpillar, Claas, JCB, John Deere, Massey Ferguson and Maniotu, to name but a few, are all active in the sector.

When choosing a used telehandler, it is clearly important to consider the lifting capacity of the machine and also the extension range of the boom. Care should be taken to understand how weight limits alter with the boom extended, as mentioned above. That boom does most of the heavy work, so a careful inspection is required to ensure smooth operation. It is always a good idea to test the machine yourself under load. The usual engine checks should also be made and service records inspected. A well-chosen telehandler could prove to be a good investment and greatly increase your handling productivity around the farm.

Caterpillar Telehandlers

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JCB Telehandlers

JCB has designed a number of telehandler models which are geared towards satisfying the needs of those in the agricultural industry, with almost four decades of development put into these machines to cement its position as a market leader. At JCB head office, these are know as JCB telescopic handlers or Loadalls and are built with an innate understanding of the rugged requirements of farm work,... Read more
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