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For the livestock farmer, the quality of the grazing pasture is absolutely vital. It is important that the grass is able to thrive and to produce the maximum amount of plant matter in order to properly feed the herd. In order to achieve the maximum level of growth, it is necessary to prevent the pasture from going to seed. If it is allowed to go to seed, the plant will divert its energies towards stem and seed growth instead of producing edible leaves and shoots. Reduced growth can also be a result of uneven grazing.

Any pasture that has gone to seed can be revived with just one pass from a pasture topper. This will reinvigorate the growth of the pasture and soon provide more and better grazing for the herd. Toppers can also be used for weed control. Topping them before they go to seed can help prevent the spread of weeds. This may only be a partial solution, but it can be useful in farming environments where chemical use is unwelcome or not possible, such as on organic farms.

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Buy Bobcat 60HF BRUSH CAT HYD TOPPER Farm Machinery For Sale
Bobcat 60HF BRUSH CAT HYD TOPPER 2008 Toppers £4,500.00
Buy Kidd 9ft Topper  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kidd 9ft Topper - Toppers POA
USED 9ft Topper. Age unknown. Please give us a call for more information. NEW ARRIVALS
Buy Kidd 9ft Topper  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kidd 9ft Topper - Toppers POA
USED 9ft Topper. Age unknown. Please give us a call for more information. Grass Machinery
Buy Major   Farm Machinery For Sale
Major - Toppers £1,700.00
Used 7ft Major Rotary Topper In excellent condition Year: 2016 Call us!
Buy Major   Farm Machinery For Sale
Major 2008 Toppers £1,500.00
Used Major 8ft Offset Rotary Topper In very good condition! Year: 2008 Give us a call for more information!
Buy McConnel OP6 6 ft topper  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel OP6 6 ft topper - Toppers POA
Excellent 6 ft Topper, .
Buy Belmac 6 FT topper  Farm Machinery For Sale
Belmac 6 FT topper - Toppers £800.00
BELMac 6 FT topper with adjustable side skids. Robust design with single gearbox and rotary blade arm.
Buy Cavan Agri 2.5m Flail Topper  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cavan Agri 2.5m Flail Topper - Toppers POA
NEW now in stock. Please give us a call for more information. Grass Machinery
Buy Cavan Agri 2.5m Flail Topper  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cavan Agri 2.5m Flail Topper - Toppers POA
NEW now in stock. Please give us a call for more information. NEW ARRIVALS
Buy Vortex Toppers   Farm Machinery For Sale
Vortex Toppers - Toppers POA
Vortex 2.6 and 3 meter Toppers in stock
Buy ProDig Shear Genius   Farm Machinery For Sale
ProDig Shear Genius - Toppers POA
ProDig Shear Genius ProDig offers a range of Shear Genius in sizes from 1500mm,1800mm and 2200mm. Our Shear genius is designed to suit any task required to fill a diet feeder. The Shear Genius is ideal for removing silage and whole crop from a pit while opening far enough to allow the user to split round bales in half. fitted with a plastic retainer it make feeding round bales effortless. As a
Rear mounted flail topper 2.8 meter side shift extra wear skids heavy duty rear roller heavy duty hammer flails Well made heavy duty flail topper sizes available in this model 2.2 to 3.00 meter
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Great example of a Topper from KiddWhich type of Topper?

Pasture toppers come in a number of different formats, including single spindle pasture toppers, belt-driven pasture toppers, fully offset pasture toppers and shaft-driven pasture toppers. The single spindle pasture topper may be best suited to playing fields, golf courses, parks and leisure areas. It can also be perfect for smaller agricultural use.

They usually feature hardened steel blades pivoting on bushes and cranked to lift the grass and reduce the chances of stone damage. The units offer height control and driveline protection and are able to spread the cut pasture.

A belt-driven pasture topper is suitable for more standard agricultural use and larger leisure areas and playing fields. A pivoting headstock can allow the topper to follow field contours without excessively straining the linkage. A fully offset pasture topper is again capable of agricultural, municipal and sporting use.

A hydraulic breakaway and folding valve offers control and protection from the driver’s seat and removes the need for disconnecting the shafts when transporting. Mechanical lock features can secure the machine during transport. The shaft drive has a shear bolt to prevent shocks from hidden obstacles.

A shaft-driven pasture topper is flexible and can be mounted to the front or rear of the tractor. Care should be taken when selecting a rear-mounted pasture topper. The operator should ensure that its operation is not limited by pasture being flattened by the tractor wheels before entering the topper.

Who makes Toppers?

Topper manufacturers include Abbey, Bomford, Ducker, Fleming, John Deere, Kuhn, Kverneland, Major, McConnell, Spearhead, Teagle, Twose, Votex and Wessex.

Toppers are often fairly enclosed units and proper visual inspection is therefore a little more difficult. Any prospective buyer of a used topper should still have as good a look as possible, checking for signs of unusual wear and tear and any broken components.

The best way to judge a used topper is to get it out on the pasture and give it a good test on familiar ground to ensure it is up to the job you want it to do.

Bomford Toppers

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Fleming Toppers

Fleming is one of the big boys in grass toppers in the UK and Ireland. They have been making toppers for more than 20 years and in that time they have built the largest range of rotary toppers on the market. Fleming Toppers are found across a huge range of industry sectors, including sports fields, park maintenance, airports, equestrian, hobby, and grassland farmers. These toppers are built with... Read more
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