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Used tractors are the true workhorses of the farm. A tractor is probably the one common piece of equipment on all farms. You will find them in livestock, dairy, mixed and arable operations. They are also an ever-present feature in orchards and for fruit growers, as well as municipal and ground care operations.

The good news is you will find plenty of tractors for sale here, for every single type of operation you can think of. In addition to standard machines, you will find narrow-track tractors for use in orchards, low-roof models and also a choice of platform or cab configurations. The bad news is all that choice takes some sorting through. Breaking the choice down into separate categories can help.

With so many tractors for sale here at farm machinery locator, you're sure to find the one for you. 

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Buy Ford 1989 7810 II 4WD TRACTOR  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ford 1989 7810 II 4WD TRACTOR 1989 Tractors £12,500.00
1989 FORD 7810 II 4WD TRACTOR c/w air conditioning. Hours are unkown as recording 1,742 but fitted with 90% rear tyres and 30% front tyres and in tidy condition for its age. Reg Number: F94 NCU. Serial Number: BC1406 - 9C29B. £12,500 + VAT.
Buy JCB 2009 2170 2WS FASTRAC  Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 2009 2170 2WS FASTRAC 2009 Tractors POA
2009 JCB 2170 2WS FASTRAC. Done only 3,617 Hours, front weights, on one farm from new. This tractor is a credit to its owner having been used on an arable farm all its life until the farm has retired. Reg number: LK09 GVM. £POA, contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy John Deere 6430  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 6430 2011 Tractors £46,750.00
Productspecweb: Premium, 3852hrs, AQ, 50K, TLS, HCS, 3ESCV, A/C, air seat, 600/65R38, 540/65R28, air brakes, JD653 loader, multidock, Euro, Producttrans: AutoQuad, Productspeed: 50K, Producttyres: 600/65R38, 540/65R28
Buy John Deere 6195R 6195R Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 6195R 6195R 2015 Tractors POA
- Auto Power - 5 rear + 1 front spool with joystick - climate control - air seat - air brakes - front linkage + PTO - Auto Track Ready - bar axle - hydraulic top link - belt lights Top speed of 50K Tyres: 710/70/42 + 600/70/28
Buy Massey Ferguson 8240  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 8240 2003 Tractors POA
2003 Massey Ferguson 8240 tractor, 7814 hours, Front axle suspension, 3 spools, 540-65-30 10% & 650-65-42 80% tyres
JCB Fastrac - Tractors POA
- Sept 2016 (66) - 762 hours. - BKT 540/65 x 30 tyres - 90% - Full suspension. - 4 wheel steer. - 60KPH vario transmission with air brakes. - 4 electric spools. - 540/540E/1000/1000E PTO. - Climate control. - Air seat. - Passenger seat. - Front & rear blinds. - 175HP Sisu engine. Call us on 07970075031 or email us at
Buy Ford 7600  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ford 7600 - Tractors POA
Tidy original tractor for age, runs and drives well, dual power fitted, cab frame sound, interior is good for age but not perfect. Use or play !!
Buy International Harvester 1056  Farm Machinery For Sale
International Harvester 1056 - Tractors POA
Very original bright tractor for age, good clean cab, good tyres, getting hard to find good examples! For work or play! - -
Buy Massey Ferguson 7626 Exclusive Dyna 6  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 7626 Exclusive Dyna 6 2014 Tractors POA
50kph, air brakes, front linkage & PTO, front axle & cab suspension, climate control, de-icing mirrors, 650/38 & 600/28 tyres - 80% good, warranty till 6,060 hours or 13-10-19, only 2,770 hours, stunning 280hp tractor
Buy Massey Ferguson 7618 Dyna 6  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 7618 Dyna 6 2015 Tractors £46,950.00
50kph, front axle & cab suspension, Exclusive joystick, aircon, passenger seat, Michelin 600/65/38 & 480/65/28 tyres - 95% good, smart with 4,660 hours
Buy Massey Ferguson 6480 Dyna 6  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 6480 Dyna 6 2011 Tractors £24,950.00
50kph, front axle & cab suspension, air seat, aircon, passenger seat, 600/65/38 & 480/65/28 tyres - 70% good, tidy outfit with 7,300 hours
Buy Fendt 930 Vario  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 930 Vario 2008 Tractors POA
65kph, air brakes, front linkage & PTO, front axle & cab suspension, hydraulic toplink, sunroof, 650/85/38 & 600/65/34 tyres - 90% good, new Vario 300 hours ago, very tidy but high hours
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Used Tractor Buying Guide

Perhaps the first thing to consider is the size and power of your tractor when looking at tractors for sale. If you have a large farm with lots of heavy ploughing and other power intensive operations to take care of, then you are going to be looking at our large tractor section.

John Deere is a big player in this sector but you will find that all the major brands have a presence. Have a good look at the power rating of the tractor and see how this compares with your needs. Be mindful of fuel consumption. A good bet to get a feel for the true performance of your tractor is to look at the figure for power-to-weight ratio. Also make sure that the transmission delivers the kind of speeds that are useful in your sector.

Having selected a size and power rating for your tractor, it is time to look at the major operational components. Here you will be weighing up your requirements for the front loader, rear linkage and so on. The power take-off (PTO) is a major element in the operation of any tractor, so you need to consider the rating of the system and make sure that it is up to the kind of tasks you expect from it. Similarly, the hydraulic system is vital. Check out the litres-per-minute rating of the system to make sure that it has the power you need and that the number, position and control of the remote valves are also suitable for your requirements.

The technology of tractors is getting more advanced all the time, and this is a key area that can make a difference to the tractor's performance. Lots of models have automated headland turning systems and some have software that will work out the most economical way to work a field, virtually doing all the work on its own. You need to cut through all the marketing and only pay for technology that you think is actually going to help you on the farm.

The comfort offered by the cab is another major factor. The operator is going to be spending a lot of time in there, so it makes sense to choose a cab that is comfortable. It's not just about spoiling the driver. A relaxed and comfortable operator is more productive and alert, so it is also a matter of economics and safety. Look for adjustable steering wheels and air-sprung seats and also good cab suspension. Most modern cabs have a good heater and air-conditioning system and many also offer a carbon filter for a cleaner operating environment. Check that the controls and instrumentation are all in good working order and that the layout is something you can easily get to grips with. Visibility is paramount, so make sure that the view is clear from the driver's seat.

When looking at tractrors for sale, ongoing costs are a major part of any tractor purchase, so make sure you are happy with the fuel consumption and service intervals. Check out the price and availability of parts and make sure that all user-serviceable components are within easy reach.

Milestones in Tractor History

Tractor development has come a long way since Harry Ferguson developed the concept for the Ferguson System and the famous Ferguson TE20 tractor. Yet the Ferguson System is just one of  thousands of innovations which have shaped the design of the tractor. Here we reveal just a few of the developments which have influenced modern tractor design.

It has been 70 years since the first Ferguson TE20 tractor was produced in Britain, the landmark tractor which introduced the world to three-point linkage and the Ferguson system. Yet there have been many developments in tractor design since the little grey Ferguson was launched, the modern tractor having evolved into a sophisticated tool, incorporating many design technologies aimed at improving both operator comfort and operational efficiency.

Importantly, these design improvements didn't suddenly appear overnight. They were frequently the result of extensive research and testing by innovative engineers, some of which would change the entire course of tractor development.

The Ford 7000 was not the world's first turbocharged tractor, but it was the UK's first production turbo model, introducing the concept for squeezing six-cylinder performance from a four-cylinder engine.1950's - The Arrival of Diesel Engines

The diesel engine became popular in the 1950's, however the first diesel tractor was actually produced in 1927 by Francesco Cassini, the man who would later establish the company known today as SAME Deutz-Fahr. The company would later introduce the world's first four-wheel drive diesel tractor, the SAME DA25, in 1952.

Here in the UK, it was the Fordson Major diesel, launched in 1951, which popularised the compression ignition engine, offering more torque and greater fuel-economy than its petrol or TVO-powered equivalents. However, diesel engines at the time were notoriously heavy and produced less power than petrol engines of similar capacity.

The quest to extract greater power from the diesel engine, led to the introduction of the turbo-charging. The worlds first production turbocharged diesel tractor, was the 67hp US-built Allis-Chalmers D19 launched in 1961. Exactly ten years later, the Ford 7000 made history when it became the UK's first production turbocharged tractor, producing an impressive 94hp from its four-cylinder 4.2L engine, the kind of power associated at the time with larger, six-cylinder machines.

The Ford 7000, which was built at what is now the Case-New Holland tractor plant at Basildon, would ultimately spawn the pocket-rocket generation, inspiring the development of iconic tractors like the John Deere 2140 and the Massey Ferguson 390T. The most powerful four-cylinder turbo tractor produced today, is the Valtra N174, rated at 185hp (Max).

Developments in Tractor Transmissions

The ability to harness the power of an engine, is the job of the transmission. Arguably one of the greatest advances in tractor gearbox technology occurred in 1996, when the German manufacturer Fendt, (now owned by AGCO), introduced the world to the 900-Series tractor and the Vario transmission. This step-less, two-range CVT design, offered an infinite range of travel speeds from 0 to 50Km/h, using only a single joystick. Today, most major manufacturers offer this kind of transmission design, which provides the operator with virtually effortless control of the tractor. Yet changing gears hasn't always been this easy.

The Fendt 939 Vario. Fendt originally introduced the world to its pioneering stepless CVT Vario gearbox in the 926 Vario tractor, which was launched in 1996.From Crash to Powershift

Early tractors frequently used heavy-duty 'crash-change' gearboxes, which made changing gears laborious and difficult. To overcome this, design engineers developed shift-on-the-move transmissions, by fitting a simple two-range planetary transmission unit to the front of the tractors standard gearbox. This not only doubled the number of working speeds, it allowed the farmer to shift up or down the two ranges without stopping.

The first manufacturer to introduce this type of clutchless semi-powershift system, was International Harvester (now Case-IH), which introduced 'Torque Amplifier' in the USA on its Farmall Super MTA model in 1952. In Britain, it was Massey Ferguson who popularised a similar concept with its Multi-Power system, which débuted in 1962 on the MF 65 MK II and 35X models.

Full powershift transmissions are today favoured extensively on high-horsepower tractors used for tillage work. The development of full powershift gearbox, enabled the operator to pass through the transmissions entire range of speeds without the use of the clutch. This type of transmission first appeared in the UK as an option on the American-built six-cylinder New Generation John Deere 4020, introduced in 1963, which used an eight-speed powershift gearbox. The American-built John Deere 'New Generation' tractors were also the first to feature lower-link draft sensing, as opposed to top-link sensing, which formed the basis for the Ferguson system.

Massey Ferguson's Multi-Power two-speed powershift transmission option, was the first system of its type to be introduced into the UK, when it was débuted in the 1962 MF 35X tractor.In 1971, the Yorkshire-based tractor manufacturer David Brown, introduced Hydra-Shift, the world's first four-speed semi-powershift transmission. Introduced on its 72hp 1212 model, which also featured the first hydrostatic steering system, Hydra-Shift offered four clutchless shifts in three forward ranges and introduced farmers to a concept upon which, many later transmission systems, including John Deere's PowrQuad and Massey Ferguson's Dynashift, would take their cue.

Tractor Cab Design - the Q Cab

The letter Q is frequently used as an abbreviation of the word 'Quiet', when describing the modern tractor cab. Following the mandatory installation of safety cabs on tractors in 1970, quiet-cab legislation was introduced in 1976 to improve operator comfort and reduce in-cab noise levels.

In the UK, many early Q-cabs were bolt-on units, produced by cab manufactures like Duncan and GKN Sankey, adapted to fit a specific range or make of tractor. Today, tractor cabs have become an integral part of the tractors design. But even this isn't an entirely new concept.

Arguably the most advanced tractor in the world at the time of its launch in 1969, the Zetor Crystal 8011 featured an integrated rubber-mounted safety cab, and independent front-wheel suspension units.The first fully-integrated tractor safety cab was introduced in 1969 by the Czech manufacturer Zetor, on the Crystal 8011 model. The Zetor Crystal boasted an isolation-mounted, fully-glazed cab, with a suspension seat, an electric windscreen wiper and power steering as standard. The tractor also featured a gearbox with a two-speed powershift and introduced front-wheel suspension.

In terms of luxury and refinement, it was the John Deere SoundGard cab, introduced on the US-built 4230/4430/4630 models in 1973, which raised the tractor cab interior to a standard comparable with many cars and trucks. Revered for its curved windshield design which was famously borrowed from San Francisco tram cars, the flat-floor SG cab featured pendulum pedals and an adjustable steering column.

Tractor Electronics

Electronics have increasingly become a part of modern tractor design, with most modern tractors boasting a melee of electronic, computer controlled gadgetry as standard fare. The first range of tractors to feature an integrated electronic performance monitoring and control system, was the Massey Ferguson 3000-Series, launched in 1986, which amongst other things, introduced MF's revolutionary Datatronic system. This system could be programmed to monitor data from the tractor as it worked, using the information to control both wheel slip and the draft operation of the rear linkage.

Case-IH STX Quadtrac is produced by Steiger in North Dakota. The revolutionary Quadtrac design features individual track units in place of wheels, for high-horsepower, low ground pressure operation.

Rubber Tracked Tractors

Traction and soil compaction, are challenges which have daunted farmers around the globe. One of the technologies developed for improving traction and reducing compaction, was the introduction of the rubber track.

Developed by Caterpillar, the 'Mobil-Trac' system first appeared on the CAT Challenger in 1986. Today, the AGCO-owned Challenger brand stands as one of the most successful manufacturers of rubber tracked machines, the technology behind which has been adopted by rival manufacturers, including John Deere.

Rubber tracks have also played a part in the development of the pivot steer tractor. In 1996, Case-IH launched the 9300 Quadtrac, which featured individual track units in place of wheels and tyres, introducing an application for high-horsepower, low ground pressure operation, which would revolutionize cultivation techniques around the world. The current range of Case-IH STX Quadtrac machines are the result of an on-going development program, which has introduced more efficient, technologically advanced machines, today producing up to 620hp.

Top Speed TractorsThe JCB Fastrac has been in production for 25 years, making it the most successful fast tractor in the world. Pictured is a 185-65 model, built in 1996, which has a top speed of 65Km/h.

The fast tractor is a concept that has been trialled since the 1930's. Machines like the Trantor and the Mercedes-Benz MB-Trac may have faded into obscurity, but the JCB Fastrac with its four-wheel, multi-link self-levelling suspension system, today stands as the most successful fast-tractor of all time, this year celebrating 25 years in production.CAT introduced the original Challenger tractor in 1986, introducing the world to the Mobil-Trac rubber track system. Challenger, which is now owned by AGCO, remains one of the leading manufacturers of rubber tracked machines.

Case Tractors

Case has an extensive range of tractors organised into five families: Steiger and Quadtrac; Magnum; Puma; Maxxum; and Farmall. The firm also has a good selection of front loaders to complement these machines. Case tractors are designed to offer power, ease of use and performance in the harshest conditions. They are also built to be economical, reducing fuel consumption and lowering running costs.... Read more

John Deere Tractors

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