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Trailed sprayers allow for a range of liquid products to be applied to large areas of land in an efficient manner. From distributing fertiliser to pumping out pesticides, these machines make light work of their intended task. And used sprayers are available for those who would prefer to save money when procuring equipment for the farm.

Most trailer sprayers are built around the same simple concept of having a central tank to contain the substance which is being sprayed, while booms stretch out from this on either side to maximise the working width. As you might expect, there are different tank capacities available on different models of trailed sprayers, as well as different boom lengths to take into account. The booms will typically be collapsible so that the unit can fit through gates to gain access to land. And depending on the age of the machine and the state of the hydraulics, a used trailed sprayer can be a solid investment for farmers.

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Economy trailed with 1.2 metre boom, 60 litre or 90 litre, 3.8 litre/min 40psi pump, 4 metre hose and lance, trigger spraygun with adjustable tip ATVs & Equipment

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Smaller trailed sprayers will have booms that deliver a working width of 12 metres or less, while the capacity of the tank for these compact models may be around 1500 litres. Units which offer two to three times the capacity and longer boom lengths are available for those who have larger areas to cover. And it is a good idea to check up on the number of hours of use that a second-hand unit has seen in the past. A seller should also be expected to provide details of any known issues and maintenance requirements so that a buyer is fully aware of any shortcomings that need to be addressed.

Modern trailed sprayers benefit from electronic controls that can be managed from the cab of the tractor that is towing them. And the type of tyre found on different units will also be relevant, depending on the crop that is to be covered. So arm yourself with information before you investigate the available trailer sprayers.

New Sprayer from John Deere

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