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Trailers may not be the most complex or glamorous pieces of farm machinery, but they are vital to the smooth operation of any farm business. Many of the large names feature a selection of trailers in their product line-ups but some, such as the French outfit Rolland and to a lesser extent the Irish company Fleming, specialise in this sort of plant. The range of trailers is truly extensive and there is probably a trailer that has been designed specifically for any application you have in mind. Trailers are designed to be robust and vary in size from the smallest cart-like wagon to large 44-cubic-metre models. Issues to think about include the sort of enclosure. This can be high-sided or have lower walls. The door system deployed can also help to maximise load capacity.

One particular form of trailer is the spreader. These are designed not only for strength and volume, but also for their spreading characteristics. The inclusion of beater frames or spreading discs will affect how muck is spread. Flat-bed trailers are particularly useful in forage harvest operations. Turntables increase manoeuvrability, while heavy-duty axles, independent brakes and suspension options are available for larger units. Trailers can also feature a drop-side construction for added security for the load.

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Buy Cook flat eight bale sledge Farm Machinery For Sale
Cook flat eight bale sledge 2013 Bale Trailers POA
- as new
Buy Marston FF10  Farm Machinery For Sale
Marston FF10 1991 Trailers £3,950.00
1991 A.S.FF10 10 tonne tandem axle mono trailer, hydraulic taildoor, front window and grain chute
Buy Other Ken Wootton 10T Trailer  Farm Machinery For Sale
Other Ken Wootton 10T Trailer - Trailers £4,500.00
c/w sprung drawbar, super singles, manual rear door, grain chute. St# IM-23-06-17
Buy Bailey 15t Silage- Grain Trailer  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bailey 15t Silage- Grain Trailer 2013 Grain and Silage Trailers £13,450.00
On Alliance 500/60/22.5 tyres, air & hydraulic brakes, sprung drawbar & axles, in great order
Buy Norton XL210  Farm Machinery For Sale
Norton XL210 2009 Trailers POA
10 Ton Grain Trailer, Manual Rear Door, Front Ladder, Hyd Brakes, Swivel Tow Eye, Twin Axle, 500/50/17 Tyres., Productweight: 10 T, Productbrakes: Hyd, Productdoor: Manual
Buy Fleming TR2  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fleming TR2 2017 Trailers £1,995.00
Buy Fleming TR6  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fleming TR6 - Trailers POA
Productspecweb: 6T single axle trailer, drop sides, hyd tip, lights, JD Green, Productweight: 6T, Productbrakes: Hyd, Productdoor: Manual
Buy Bailey FLAT 10 Farm Machinery For Sale
Bailey FLAT 10 2017 Trailers £9,950.00
Productspecweb: 19 TONNE LOW LOADER, C/W BEAVERTAIL, 215/75 X 17.5, 10 STUD, SPRUNG DRAWBAR, AIR BRAKES, BEAVERTAIL FILL IN, HYDRAULIC RAMPS, SPRUNG DRAWBAR 19' FLAT AND 5' BEAVER 15T Load, Productweight: 19T, Productbrakes: Air + Hyd
Buy Herbst DT 14 HI SIDE Farm Machinery For Sale
Herbst DT 14 HI SIDE - Trailers £8,650.00
Productspecweb: Herbst 14T Hi Side Dump Trailer c/w H/D Tow Eye Sprung Drawbar 10 Stud 400x80 Brakes Rocker Beams Air/Hyd Brakes D/A Hyd Rear Door 385/65 22.5 Flotation Wheels Mudguards & Flaps LED Lights Painted J D Green With Silver Rims, Productweight: 14T, Productbrakes: Hyd/Air, Productdoor: Hyd
Buy ZURN TL400  Farm Machinery For Sale
ZURN TL400 2012 Trailers £3,250.00
Productspecweb: Twin axle header trailer, suitable for headers up to 30ft
Buy Herbst GT  Farm Machinery For Sale
Herbst GT 2016 Trailers £9,350.00
Productspecweb: Herbst 15T High Capacity Dump Trailer c/w Sprung Drawbar ADR 10 Stud Stub Axle, 400x80 Brake Rocker Beam Air/Hydraulic Brakes D/A Hydraulic Rear Door 6mm Floor/Sides 385/65 22.5 Wheels Mudguards & Flaps LED Lights Painted J D Green With Silver Rims, Productweight: 15T, Productbrakes: Hyd/Air, Productdoor: Hyd
Buy H. West 10TON  Farm Machinery For Sale
H. West 10TON - Trailers POA
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Another specialist trailer is the cattle or livestock trailer. These are designed specifically for the comfort and safety of livestock and feature innovations such as a rubber resin floor to prevent animals slipping. They also feature axle suspension for a smoother ride and hydraulic-powered lowering to ease unloading operations and prevent the livestock being injured when offloaded from a higher platform. Partition gates inside the trailer are also included on certain models to keep the livestock separate and evenly distributed in the trailer. These trailers can get quite sizeable, transporting up to 18 head of cattle and including further safety options such as external penning gates.

Hook lift trailers are a sort of intermediate chassis which allows many different trailers to be used on a single hook lift base. Some models feature rear steering and sophisticated independent braking and suspension systems. Low loaders are another form of specialist trailer. These are designed to transport heavy agricultural plant and can vary from just a few tonnes to a 32-tonne load capacity. These large weights are accommodated by spreading them across many axles and double wheel combinations. Using these trailers, tractors and other heavy plant can be quickly transported.

There are also many specialist vegetable and forage box trailers. These include a wide range of options to tailor them for specific crops. Tipper models tip from the rear or either side, and high-lift systems raise the trailer to greater heights for load transfer.

Trailers are generally simple and robust pieces of equipment and should enjoy a long operational life. When buying, though, there are still some sensible checks to carry out in addition to ensuring that the overall design and capacity is suited to your needs. Do check all welds for structural integrity and have a look for any signs of corrosion, especially in areas such as the underside, where water can collect and damage can remain unseen or neglected. Check that all moving and high-wear components, such as doors and tipping mechanisms, are in good operational order. Remember that some trailers have their own brakes and steering mechanisms, along with suspension systems, and these should all be in good order.


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