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The history of Vaderstad begins in 1962, when Rune Stark began to grow tired of having to build a new wooden harrow at the beginning of every season. Such harrows were cheap, as wood was plentiful, but they tended to wear out and needed replacing every year. Stark therefore decided to build his own metal rigid tine harrow on his farm in Vaderstad, Sweden.

The machine was a success and was admired by other farmers, who began to place orders with Stark to build metal harrows for them. So the business was born. The company went on to build a stable folding harrow, taking advantage of the increasing availability of tractors with PTOs. In 1968, the company added a cultivator to its growing equipment range.

Initially, the company made its equipment on the family farm, but increasing orders meant that in 1972 a new factory had to be built to house the 20 staff. A location was found close to Vaderstad, and the company remains at this site today. 

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Buy Vaderstad CARRIER CR300  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad CARRIER CR300 - Cultivators POA
VADERSTAD CARRIER CR300, two rows of discs, steel ring roller, fitted with Vaderstad weights, an excellent mixing tool and able to work at shallow depths leaving a perfectly level finish. £POA
Buy Vaderstad RDA600S  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad RDA600S 2012 Seed Drills £39,500.00
Vaderstad Rapid 600s. Brand new metal including system disks, drilling discs and drilling counters (not shown in photos) Automatic depth control, approx 3400ha. Drill is in great condition and has been barn stored since new. Selling due to a change in farming policy
Buy Vaderstad CR500 CARRIER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad CR500 CARRIER 2012 Cultivators POA
VADERSTAD CR500 CARRIER, c/w hyd CrossBoards. This machine, although built in 2012, has been on fenland and has had very little use; looks like a demo machine. £POA. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Vaderstad 2015 REXIUS TWIN RST830 PRESS  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad 2015 REXIUS TWIN RST830 PRESS 2015 Press POA
2015 VADERSTAD REXIUS TWIN RST830, 8.3m working width, only done two seasons work and in very nice order, been sold due to change in farming policy. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Vaderstad TD600  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad TD600 - Tillage £4,250.00
Buy Vaderstad REXIUS RS820 CROSSKILL ROLLERS  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad REXIUS RS820 CROSSKILL ROLLERS - Rollers £4,500.00
VADERSTAD REXIUS RS820 CROSSKILL ROLLERS, in reasonable condition for their age. £4,500 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Vaderstad 550 Rexius Twin  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad 550 Rexius Twin - Press £15,500.00
Vaderstad 550 rexius twin, 3 rows tines, cast rings, good condition.
Buy Vaderstad RDA600S  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad RDA600S 2005 Seed Drills £15,950.00
600A, 6mtr, staggered wheels, pre em markers, rear following harrow, front dicsc, hyd levelling boards, electric control, 2900hectares covered
Buy Vaderstad RDA400S  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad RDA400S 2008 Seed Drills £31,500.00
Vaderstad rapid RDA400S,2008,pivot packer,system discs,system crossboard, 32 drilling discs & coulters 16 offset wheel with chevron tyres, rear following harrow, pre & post emergence tram-lining kit, discs at 70%, total of 1444ha , ?ú31,500 + vat.
Buy Vaderstad Rx620 rollers  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad Rx620 rollers - Rollers £4,250.00
- Hydraulic Folding - Cambridge Rollers - Good condition
Buy Vaderstad RX940  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad RX940 - Specialist POA
Vaderstad RX940 9.4m, 5 section folding Cambridge rollers
Buy Vaderstad  drill Rapid 300s  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad drill Rapid 300s - Seed Drills £13,950.00
Disc system
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Find out more from the Vaderstad Corporate Video
Vaderstad Top Down 600 and Biodrill
Vaderstad Top Down Bio Drill 600 at Cereals 2014

The toughness of Vaderstad machines led to them being very popular in the Holstein area of Germany, where dry clay soils proved too much for lesser machines. The company’s HV ring roller was a great success, and thousands were sold across Europe and as far afield as South Africa. They were also built under licence in the Soviet Union.

In 1982, the company produced the NZ cultivator. This rigid, fully welded machine went on to become the most successful cultivator in Scandinavia. It was also built under licence in New Zealand, hence the ‘NZ’ name, and in Soviet Union. The Rollex ring roller was added to the line-up along with a revolutionary new direct seed drill, the DS-drill.

By 1990 the company has 125 employees, and by the middle of the decade that had increased to 300. The Rapid seed drill was introduced along with a new Concorde drilling system. The 1990s saw rapid expansion, with the company opening subsidiaries in England, France Poland, Hungary and Germany. The company also partnered with organisations in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. The 2000s saw the firm expand its interests by buying 49% of Canadian company Seed Hawk, a leader in direct seeding equipment. The company built new premises for its subsidiaries in Poland and Hungary and started new companies in Ukraine and Russia. In 2010, the company began to manufacture in Russia.

The company celebrated its 50th birthday in 2012, and in 2013 Vaderstad completed its acquisition of Seed Hawk and also invested heavily in new manufacturing capabilities. The company has also opened new subsidiaries in Denmark and Romania. 2012 also saw the total number of Rapid seed drills built reach 20,000.

Today the product range of Vaderstad is truly extensive. It covers cultivation equipment, drilling machines and planters. The philosophy of the company remains that of its founder, who said ‘build it to last’. This dedication to the toughest machines is joined by a focus on building simple equipment that can accomplish a number of tasks in a single pass. This is a combination that makes a used Vaderstad machine a very sensible option.

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