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Valtra tractor production roots stem back as 1832 – although this was under the Munktell name.  The company is made up from what was Volvo BM and Finiish Valmet.  Designed and produced in Scandinavia, the Valtra range of tractors are designed to withstand the harshest of cold climates.

Rebranded from Valmet to Valtra tractors in 1994 when the company came under the ownership of Finnish group, Sisu.  Subsequently bought by the huge Partek industrial group, the company traded under the brand name ‘Valtra Valmet’ until 2001 when the company changed to ‘Valtra’ on its own.

After a brief period of ownership under Kone group, the tractor business was sold to US-based AGCO group, he third largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world.

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Buy Valtra 6300 TRACTOR Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra 6300 TRACTOR 2000 Tractors £12,000.00
VALTRA 6300 TRACTOR 12,717 hours Complete with Valtra 950 Loader £12000
Buy Valtra 8050 HIGH TECH 2 Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra 8050 HIGH TECH 2 2003 Tractors £15,500.00
VALTRA 8050 HIGH TECH 2 2003 6500 hours Power shuttle Front mudguard New seat Very tidy £15500 On sale on behalf of a customer
Buy Valtra N142 TRACTOR Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra N142 TRACTOR 2012 Tractors £35,000.00
VALTRA N142 TRACTOR 2012 2300 hours Front cab suspension 50k Front Linkage Front PTO Vario transmission £35000
Buy Valtra N121 Advance  Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra N121 Advance 2010 Tractors POA
Buy Valtra 8150 4wd  Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra 8150 4wd 2000 Specialist £13,500.00
Buy Valtra N111E 4WD Tractor Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra N111E 4WD Tractor - Tractors POA
- “o7” plate - 7249 hours - hyd hitch - air con - air seat 4wd
Buy Valtra 6550 4WD Tractor Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra 6550 4WD Tractor - Tractors POA
- “53” plate - 8589 hours - 420/85R38 Michelin tyres 80% - 13.6 x 28 Michelin tyres 80% - air con - air seat - MX100 front loader c/w 3rd service & softdrive 4wd
Buy Valtra A93 V WITH Q36 LOADER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra A93 V WITH Q36 LOADER 2015 Tractors £29,500.00
40k, left hand Power Shuttle, NEW TYRES. complete with Valtra 36 Loader. In superb condition. Tractors Medium Tractor
Buy Valtra M130 HITEC WITH Q65 LOADER.  Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra M130 HITEC WITH Q65 LOADER. 2005 Large Tractor £18,950.00
40k, Air Con, Front Axle and Cab Suspension, Left hand Shuttle. Complete with Valtra Q65 Loader. Tidy and in good order. Tractors Large Tractor
Buy Valtra 8450 4wd  Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra 8450 4wd - Specialist £9,950.00
Buy Valtra N111  Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra N111 2006 Attachments POA
- Hi-Tec - air con - air seat - MX loader Top speed of 40K Tyres: 18.4/38 + 14.9/28
Buy Valtra  n143 hitech 3  Farm Machinery For Sale
Valtra  n143 hitech 3 2014 Tractors POA
 Front linkage pto  2014 Plate
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Valtra S-SeriesS Series

Top of Valtra’s tractor range, their S Series tractors range from 270 to 400hp and are ideal for heavy duty cultivation and are also at home moving goods on the road and carrying out contracting work.

Valtra T-Series TractorT Series

The next size down in the Valtra range is the T-Series with power outputs from 141 to 215hp.  Using SCR technology to clean up exhaust emissions, the T-Series 6 cylinder is highly efficient and the flat floor cab helps entry and exit.

Valtra N Series TractorN Series

A great all-round tractor with a longer than average wheelbase, which makes the use of from attachments safer – especially front end loaders.  Available with an amazing 3.3-litre three cylinder for lower power outputs from 99 to 108hp and a 4-cylinder 4.4-litre for more powerful engines up to 130hp.

Valtra A-Series TractorA Series

The baby of the Valtra range, the A-Series tractor is Scandinavia’s market leader, as they appeal to broad segments of the agricultural industry. Available with closed or open cabs, the three cylinder diesel is available with 88 or 101hp

Learn more about popular Valtra models:

Valtra A Series Tractors

The Valtra A Series has an excellent pedigree in the compact tractor market. It is the most popular tractor sold in Scandinavia, and being such a success in a tough environment speaks volumes for the qualities of the machine. The Valtra A Series tractors combine agility, low weights and strength to give a total package that excels in the compact segment. Excellent manoeuvrability and a small... Read more

Valtra N Series Tractors

Valtra N Series Model to 2015 The Valtra N Series is a range of four-cylinder tractors with engine outputs running from 88 to 171 hp. The company reckons that these are some of the most versatile tractors in their class and the long wheelbase of the Valtra N Series makes it an admirably stable machine, ideal for front-loader work. It is designed to offer the ideal combination of specification and... Read more

Valtra S Series Tractor

Valtra is the number one tractor producer in Scandinavia and the second-biggest seller in South America. The company has factories in Finland and Brazil and builds tractors to order. The company has being producing tractors since 1951, and as part of the huge AGCO Corporation it is associated with the world’s third-largest agricultural manufacturer. The Valtra S Series combines innovative... Read more

Valtra T Series Tractors

Valtra has unveiled three new six-cylinder T Series tractors at Lamma 2015. The range starts with the T234 Versu, offering 235hp to handle draft work and a punchy 250hp of power on tap for PTO and transport tasks. The engine ratings are typical of the power increases being offered by Valtra across the range.  The Versu designation refers to the Valtra 30x30 transmission, which features a five... Read more

Tractors Compete for Attention at Irish Farm Machinery Show

Earlier this month the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show take place in County Kildare, Ireland, attracting more visitors than ever and showing that LAMMA is not the only major agricultural industry... Read More

Valtra Introduces the New N-Series Tractor

Finnish farm machinery maker Valtra has just pulled back the curtains on a new variant of its N-series tractor family, with a four-cylinder engine under its modern exterior that can produce... Read More

Valtra T-Series Breaks Tractor Speed Record

You may think you are a pretty fast operator while working on your tractor, but your speediest efforts are unlikely to be a match for the new Valtra T-series tractor in the hands of the... Read More

Valtra Launches New T Series At Lamma 2015

Valtra has unveiled three new six-cylinder T Series tractors at Lamma 2015. The range starts with the T234 Versu, offering 235hp to handle draft work and a punchy 250hp of power on tap... Read More