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Wessex has been making high-quality agricultural and ground-care equipment since 1962. In 2008 the company merged with Broadwood International. Today the company manufactures its equipment from its factory in Bordon, Hampshire and distributes across the globe. The Wessex ground care range extends to the ProLine family, ATV equipment, the Country range, the Agricultural range and the Wessex Winter Equipment range.

The ProLine Range features a full collection of professional equipment, including roller mowers, flail mowers, multifunctional collectors and finishing mowers. Each piece of equipment benefits from six decades of Wessex experience and expertise. The Wessex ProLine Range is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards, guaranteeing the best productivity and most professional results. 

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Buy Wessex 4ft Finishing Topper Farm Machinery For Sale
Wessex 4ft Finishing Topper - Toppers £650.00
Wessex 4ft Finishing Topper
Buy Wessex 4ft Flail Topper Farm Machinery For Sale
Wessex 4ft Flail Topper
Wessex 4ft Flail Topper
Wessex 4ft Flail Topper
Wessex 4ft Flail Topper
Wessex 4ft Flail Topper
Wessex 4ft Flail Topper
Wessex 4ft Flail Topper - Toppers £1,000.00
Wessex 4ft Flail Topper Very Tidy
Buy Wessex Collecter  Farm Machinery For Sale
Wessex Collecter
Wessex Collecter
Wessex Collecter
Wessex Collecter 2006 Tractors £3,950.00
2006,HTC 18,Goes on the back of tractor,Cuts and collects grass,small branches,weeds, litter etc at the same time and then just tip onto heap to save having dead grass all over the field,Ideal for horse paddocks,Very nice piece of kit. w
Buy Wessex CG 655 HD   Farm Machinery For Sale
Wessex CG 655 HD 2008 Mowers £1,500.00

Wessex ATV Trailed equipmentWessex ATV Equipment is specially designed to be trailed from a standard ATV. The range is extensive and includes rotary mowers, flail mowers, harrows, paddock cleaners, sweeper collectors, sprayers, rollers and graders and weed control equipment.

To complete a truly comprehensive range, Wessex ATV Equipment also includes toppers, spreaders, trailers and stock feeders. The Wessex country range, meanwhile, is designed to be trailed behind the standard farm tractor. The range is again extensive and includes finishing mowers, rotary toppers, rotary sweepers, flail mowers, trailers, cultivators and rollers, harrows and graders, spreaders and log splitters.

The Wessex ground-care and agricultural range comprises sweeper collectors, trailers, paddock cleaners and agricultural equipment. Wessex also recognises the tough winters faced by British farmers. Unusually, they have developed a range specifically to combat these conditions. This range includes liquid brine sprayers and liquid ice melters in both handy 20 litre and bulk 1000 litre containers.

The range also includes pedestrian spreaders, grit bins and snow blades for ground clearance. There is no doubt that Wessex has carved itself an enviable position in the market. The company has managed to establish itself as a dominant player in the professional ground-care sector.

Being British built and designed, the company’s equipment reflects the specific needs of the British farmer and landscaper. The company protects its market-leading position by continuously producing top-quality machinery in every range. Their market knowledge is unsurpassed and this is reflected in the unfailing utility of Wessex equipment. Although they address a specific market niche, that market is a broad one and Wessex Equipment finds its way on to the polo pitch, where their mowers achieve a fine surface, and also on to the farm, where they do a great job in the less glamorous area of slurry sweeping. The company continues to innovate and is always looking to test new ideas in the marketplace.

At the same time, Wessex remains true to its original values of reliability and consistency. The strength of Broadwood and the global distribution network of the combined companies has greatly increased the reach of Wessex and led to stronger company. Throughout its history Wessex has been known for good, sturdy equipment that will give years of reliable service and achieve top-quality results. That tradition continues today and any Wessex Equipment is sure to be a good second-hand investment.

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