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Yanmar creates construction equipment for the European market at its French factory, producing a range of machinery for the agricultural industry. It was only in 2014 that the company designed and produced a piece of equipment exclusively as part of its European arm, but it has extensive experience of collaborating on projects in previous decades to create a range of mini-excavators and dumpers as well as tractors and other machinery that can be found on farms across the UK.

The most compact of its mini-excavators is the SV05-g, weighing in at just 680kg and thus leading the market in this respect. It can squeeze through gaps of just 700mm in width and dig down to a depth of 1.2 metres, with one of Yanmar's reliable two-cylinder diesel engines providing the power. This kind of excavator is ideal for loading on to a trailer to be transported around a farm just using a standard 4x4 SUV or pickup. And Yanmar's range also encompasses a number of other mini-excavators which weigh less than two tonnes, including the SV08-1AS and the SV18 - the latter of which features a full covered and glazed cab for the operator.

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Buy Yanmar Ke 3  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar Ke 3 - Tractors POA
Modern design Flat deck Agri tyres ROPS 4x4 CHOICE OF THREE All Tractors
Buy Yanmar F155D  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar F155D - Tractors POA
Great, reliable little workhorse 4x4 agri tyres ROPS Flat deck All Tractors
Buy Yanmar F145D  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar F145D - Tractors POA
Very tidy, versatile little compact tractor Ideal for 4ft Topper, chain harrows, roller etc 4x4 agri tyres All Tractors
Buy Yanmar C55R Tracked Dumper Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar C55R Tracked Dumper - Dumper £7,500.00
Yanmar C55R tracked dumper. 3011 hours. Non runner. Needs replacement engine.
Buy Yanmar YM1602  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar YM1602 - Tractors POA
2WD Generally tidy, some surface rust but nothing significant. Ideal for smallholders on a budget Would come fully serviced & checked over & with warranty All Tractors
Buy Yanmar YM1500  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar YM1500 - Tractors POA
Great little 2WD compact tractor Very reliable little workhorse. Happy to run 4ft implements serviced, checked over & with warranty All Tractors
Buy Yanmar YMG1800D  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar YMG1800D - Tractors POA
Used Yanmar YMG1800D compact tractor & loader 4x4 Agri tyres Would suit smallholder / equestrian yard. Would come fully serviced, checked over & with warranty All Tractors
Buy Yanmar YM2020  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar YM2020 - Tractors POA
Tidy little 2WD tractor Folding ROPS Registered on a Q plate Fully serviced, checked over & with warranty All Tractors
Buy Yanmar YM1700  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar YM1700 - Tractors POA
Lovely little 2WD compact tractor. Great condition Folding ROPS Serviced & warranty All Tractors
Buy Yanmar YM1810DT  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar YM1810DT - Tractors POA
Reconditioned New tyres Very handy little 4x4 tractor agri tyres Rollbar All Tractors
Buy Yanmar F7  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar F7 - Tractors POA
Modern 4x4 18hp compact tractor Fully reconditioned & ready to work All Tractors
Buy Yanmar F16DT  Farm Machinery For Sale
Yanmar F16DT - Tractors POA
Fully reconditioned 4x4 compact tractor 20hp Roll bar Very reliable CHOICE OF TWO All Tractors
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Yanmar Excavators for SaleYanmar Excavators

The middleweight excavators from Yanmar, weighing between 2 and 5 tonnes, start off with the SV22, which benefits from its specially designed swing radius that is ideal for those with narrow working conditions. With a digging depth of almost 2.5m and a dumping height of 2.76m, it is a versatile piece of equipment which may well be useful for agricultural work. Meanwhile, the ViO38U sits at the upper end of this range, with a 28.1hp diesel power plant as well as a VIPPS hydraulic circuit system that helps improve digging force while keeping the weight low and operation efficient.

Yanmar Tracked Carriers

Yanmar additionally produces a selection of tracked carriers and dumpers, such as the C12R-B. This has an operating weight of 1100kg and features a roll bar for protection and even a seatbelt for the operator. With a maximum payload of 1150kg, this can cope with a range of materials and move them around the farm quickly. The reliable Yanmar diesel engine can easily cope with intensive daily use.

Yanmar Tractor for saleYanmar Tractor Range

The tractors from this marque come from a similarly diverse range of equipment, from straightforward two- or four-wheel-drive units to models outfitted with hydraulic loader mechanisms at the front to make them even more versatile. Second-hand Yanmar tractors may be affordable, but they benefit from being built by a brand with a reputation for both the robustness of its construction techniques and the longevity of its engines. If you need an inexpensive workhorse which can withstand the rigours of agricultural work, then a Yanmar tractor will be a good selection. The company's origins in engine manufacture have led to its current success in the European marketplace, and it is a particular specialist in producing compact machinery that can fit into working environments that might be too small for other models from rival companies, giving it the edge in certain situations.

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Yanmar 2400 Sub-Compact Tractor

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Yanmar Sx3100 Compact Tractor

Yanmar likes to think that it makes better compact and sub-compact tractors than anyone else, and they do go to some lengths to support their claim. The heart of their philosophy is their Performance Link Technology. The company is the only one in the market to manufacture themselves all the main drive-train components, including efficient engines and robust transmissions. This, they claim, gives... Read more

Yanmar Introduces Utility Vehicle Range

While it may be known for its engines, tractors, diggers and mowers in the UK, farm machinery manufacturer Yanmar is attempting to establish itself more comprehensively in the North American... Read More

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