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Zetor Reviews

Zetor Forterra Tractor Farm Machinery Information

Zetor Forterra Tractor Review
Zetor Forterra tractors are robust machines with excellent power shift characteristics and power outputs ranging from 90hp to 136hp. The tractors' engines are built in-house and the four-cylinder

Zetor  Major Tractor Farm Machinery Information

Zetor Major Tractor Review
The Zetor Major is a high-quality and reliable medium-capacity tractor which features an outstanding power to price ratio. The engine is the Zetor 1105 unit, a turbocharged four-cylinder power plant

Zetor Proxima Tractor Farm Machinery Information

Zetor Proxima Tractor Review
The Zetor Proxima is the product of the company's 60-plus years of tractor-building know-how. It is manufactured in-house at the company's Czech Republic headquarters. The Proxima occupies the

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