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Zetor can trace its history back to post-war Czechoslovakia and the communist era. The company was founded in 1946, when the first Zetor tractor, the Z25 model, rolled off the production line on 15 March. The company’s name is an amalgam of the Czech pronunciation of the letter ‘Z’ and the last syllable of tractor.

Since 1946 the company has manufactured more than 1.2 million tractors and they are now to be found in more than 100 countries across five different continents. Zetor dominates in some markets and in India, for example, the word ‘Zetor’ is synonymous with ‘tractor’.

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Buy Zetor HD150  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor HD150 - Tractors £51,000.00
Ex Demo Forterra HD150, front links and PTO.."fully loaded" only 50 hrs..as new
Buy Zetor Proxima 95   Plus 4WD, 2010 Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor Proxima 95 Plus 4WD, 2010 2010 Tractors £19,495.00
Zetor Proxima 95 Plus 4WD, 2010, reg: SF60 ETD, only 1124 recorded hours, 90HP, mechanical shuttle, 3 spools, trailer braking valve, PUH, drawbar, top link, font fenders, work lamps, beacon, roof hatch, passenger seat, 420 /85 x 34 80% and 380 /70 x 24 80%, a modern yet mechanical tractor in very clean order throughout. Will be workshop prepared and serviced prior to sale. UK Delivery, Finance
Buy Zetor 9541 Proxima  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor 9541 Proxima 2008 Tractors POA
Clean 2008 Zetor Proxima 9541
Buy Zetor 3045  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor 3045 1967 Tractors £4,000.00
Good working order olso one for spares or repair
Buy Zetor 5340   4WD, 2003, c/w Traclift 120 loader Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor 5340 4WD, 2003, c/w Traclift 120 loader 2003 Tractors £13,495.00
Zetor 5340 4WD, 2003, SN03 XVL, c/w Traclift 120 loader / joystick /3rd service / quick release, 65HP, 2600 approx recorded hours, 2 spools, top link, PUH, front fenders, 420/85 x 30 90% and 280 /85 x 24 90%, work lamps, V5 document, 2 owners from new, very clean cab, a genuine loader tractor benefitting from 90% tyres all round, good value 2003 model. Will be workshop prepared and serviced prior
Buy Zetor Proxima 7441  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor Proxima 7441 - Tractors £19,500.00
06 reg, std spec with loader.. just in from local farm! Complete with Loader
Buy Zetor Forterra 117 41  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor Forterra 117 41 - Tractors £18,500.00
06 reg, 6 cyl fitted with TrcLift loader, air con, well shod Complete with Loader
Buy Zetor FORTERRA HSX 130 Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor FORTERRA HSX 130 2015 Tractors POA
2015 Zetor Forterra 130HSX. Excellent condition, low hours, Loader fitted. Tractor is available now to test drive in our Dublin depot, IrelandChoice of other low hour tractors in stock Call Denis on 086 3872881 for details
Buy Zetor Forterra HSX 140  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor Forterra HSX 140 - Tractors £36,500.00
63 reg, cab suspension, power back hitch, sigma4 loader, power shift power shuttle with auto shift, 600 tyres, heavy weight loader tractor.. Complete with Loader
Buy Zetor Forterra 125  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor Forterra 125 - Tractors £25,000.00
60 reg, air con, 3 speed power shift, very clean condition
Buy Zetor Proxima Plus 100  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor Proxima Plus 100 - Tractors £26,500.00
61 reg, 4 wheel braking, air con, fitted with Trac Lift loader.. good outfit .. Complete with Loader
Buy Zetor Forterra HD 140  Farm Machinery For Sale
Zetor Forterra HD 140 - Tractors £42,500.00
65 reg, HD 140, full suspension, air and Hyd brakes, Front links, 4 D/A elec spools with flow control..as new condition ..
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With a UK base in Coventry, Zetor h

The company quickly built on early successes and in 1954 set up their own research and development function. The Zetor 30 was launched and offered more power than the earlier 25 and 15 models. In 1956 an even hardier and more powerful 50hp Zetor 50 Super was launched. 1956 also saw the launch of the new Super P model, a tracked machine for the most difficult terrain. Zetor went on to pioneer the use of standardised parts across their range of tractors, a strategy that is now commonplace and allows more efficient manufacturing processes. The first model to benefit from this approach was the 3011, launched in 1960. The 2011 and 4011 soon followed.

The 1960s and 1970s were dominated by a quest for more power from the tractors and this resulted in engine ratings rising to 160hp. The new Crystal range appeared in 1968, encompassing this move towards greater power and also becoming more sophisticated. In 1975 the company introduced its first six-cylinder model. These tractors boasted a tough but comfortable and safe cab, more engine power, better fuel consumption and improved gear boxes with more gears. The company also changed its livery at this time, from beige to dark green with white wheel rims.

Zetor launched its third unified series of tractors in 1986 and in 1992 added its US I model line. Comfort was increased and reliability was improved. The model range was updated in 1997, with sloping bonnets for a better view and new three and four-cylinder engines. These models came in both cab and platform design. They also incorporated a side-shifting function, more ergonomically designed controls and a top speed increased to 40kph. The company was bought in 2002 by HTC Holdings, who set about modernising the company and reorganising production. This resulted in the familiar Zetor Proxima and Zetor Forterra series, which have gone on to win great acclaim and a number of awards.

In 2007 the company introduced the Proxima Plus range, with heavy-duty axles designed for heavier loads. A tilt bonnet was also introduced to allow for easier servicing. This was followed in 2008 with the Proxima Power, which featured an innovative electrohydraulic reverse system to allow the tractor to change direction under load. The model also had three more efficient new four-cylinder engines. Around this time the company also standardised its engines as Stage III compliant.

Zetor’s roots as a no-nonsense communist-era company are a good basis on which to build a solid reputation as a maker of simple and robust tractors. With their reputation for good engineering, a used Zetor tractor is an attractive proposition.

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Zetor Major Tractor

The Zetor Major is a high-quality and reliable medium-capacity tractor which features an outstanding power to price ratio. The engine is the Zetor 1105 unit, a turbocharged four-cylinder power plant of 4.1 litres, with 317Nm or torque and a torque reserve o f 35Nm. This engine is designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain. There are no electronics to worry about and the engine meets... Read more

Zetor Proxima Tractor

The Zetor Proxima is the product of the company's 60-plus years of tractor-building know-how. It is manufactured in-house at the company's Czech Republic headquarters. The Proxima occupies the mid-range power category and is focused on delivering a universal tractor solution with reliability at its core. Simplicity is also a core value of Zetor tractors and the engines are designed without... Read more

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